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The K is Canada’s premiere Filipino-Canadian arts & cultural facility located in Toronto. We are a gathering of hyphenates, empowering artists and entrepreneurs through positive and critical cultural identification.

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Kain Kalye 2014: Chef Bejun Dela Cruz of Las Piñas

"Pao Pao" Steamed Bun with Pork Belly Adobo Glaze

Intent on reflecting the things that he has learned from his recent travels to the homeland, Chef Bejun is joining KULTURA for Kain Kalye 2014! Join us on August 10 for the KULTURA festival finale at Artscape Wychwood Barns and taste Chef B’s fried chicken skin, open-faced siopao, and sisig taco at the Kain Kalye Street Eats Competition!

Read on after the cut for a short interview about his insights on Canadian food culture and Filipino cuisine, the mainstays and the delicacies of Pinoy food, and growing up in the food business.

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NAV x Kristina Guison | Metal Manipulation

Written by NAVIGATION participant, Louis Delos Reyes

When I walked into the Kapisanan Centre, I navigated behind the curtains to find Kristina, Darrel, and Eugene in a dimly lit space hanging metallic objects from the ceiling with metal wires. I did not know what to do, so I solemnly walked into the space and did as they were doing. I didn’t ask what they were doing, just greeted everyone with a “hello.” Everyone was focused on his or her task, which I can only assume was – to “hang stuff with metal wire.” With limited instruction on the task, I played along. We stood on chairs to hang wire from the ceiling, tugged on our wires for more tension, and wrapped wires to connect with other objects, all without verbal direction.

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NAV x Alexander The | Keeping Up Momentum

Note: All videos require Adobe Flash to play. Click here to download.

Save the date! NAV, in partnership with CLUTCH, presents OUT HERE. The young artists culminate at their final exhibit, and you’re invited to the opening reception at Twist Gallery on Thursday, August 7th, 8PM. Watch the teaser above and stay tuned for more details!

Writing & Photography by NAV Participant, Genesis Giocada

On a sunny Saturday, NAV had the opportunity of being facilitated by local artist/creator Alexander The. Discussing the condition of being in the diaspora, NAV and Alexander engaged in a discussion of bridging distant homelands and finding where we stand in the mix of everything.

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Revive, Reclaim, Re-establish : Remembering Our Roots

Written by Patricia Celiz, Edited by Dani Magsumbol

Pantayo Kulintang. Photo taken by Lexy Baluyot

Pantayo Kulintang. Photo taken by Lexy Baluyot

One of the greatest challenges that immigrants face in the New Land is how to preserve the old traditions, culture and beliefs of their motherland. Questions arise such as, “how can we adapt to this new environment without being entirely stripped of our authenticity?” or, “how can our children be informed of their origins and how can knowing this benefit them?” With each new generation unfolding, the disconnection from the ancestral roots become greater. Now the big question is: do we let it diminish? Thanks to the help and advocacy of Kapisanan, the Philippine roots are constantly being re-established among the CLUTCH Vol. 6 womyn.

For its seventh workshop, the CLUTCH womyn were graced with the presence of Pantayo Kulintang Ensemble and guests from the T’boli School of Living Traditions.  Both great advocates for keeping the Philippine heritage alive, they seek to bridge the gap between the indigenous and diasporic by informing the community through traditional music, dance, storytelling and crafts.

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Kultura 2014 Volunteer Call-out

It’s that time again, KAPISANAN  is getting for the 9TH ANNUAL KULTURA FILIPINO ARTS FESTIVAL. Bigger than ever, KULTURA will be going on from August 7th – 10th!

We’re looking for reliable, outgoing and enthusiastic volunteers to join our KULTURA team!

KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival 2013

KULTURA is Kapisanan’s signature annual summer Filipino arts festival, this fun filled event will ensure to bring a cultural experience to you and your family! KULTURA will consist of the following:

  • “Get Nostalgic” Filipino fundraising dinner with Chef Rudy Boquila (Lamesa) & Chef Basilio Pesce (Porzia)
  • visual arts exhibition of our flag-ship CLUTCH & NAVIGATION cultural emersion program
  • a spoken word & poetry showcase with established Filipino-Canadian Poets and emerging poets from KAPISANAN’s poetry program, PSL (Poetry as a Second Language)
  • a guided mock tour of INTRAMUROS with the one and only Carlos Celdran, and of course, our yearly Philippine Culinary Competition. Many things are going on, and we will definitely need your help to bring KULTURA to life!

This is a great opportunity to fill in your community hours for school or even just to immerse yourself in the rich, vibrant Filipino community around Toronto! KAPISANAN can sign-off your mandatory community hours to graduate from high school, while also giving you the chance to learn our Pinoy ways. Spread the word and also let your  friends join in on the fun while also helping out!

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KAIN KALYE 2014: Kevin Diaz of LVLUP

Stewed heirloom tomatoes, buff mozzarella, spicy mozza croutons

Chef Kevin Diaz is currently the Executive Chef of LVLUP, and has previously worked for big names like Lamesa Filipino Kitchen and Bymark. According to him, his time at both places has proven to be very influential: the fine dining aspects that he learned while he was a cook at ByMark shows in the food he prepares today, as does the fusion influence in his dishes that comes from being sous chef under Chef Rudy of Lamesa.

Watch out for his Palabok Rice Rolls (and other tasty Filipino dishes) at this year’s Kultura Filipino Arts Festival at Artscape Wychwood Barns! Read on after the cut for a short interview about his influences, the endless possibilities in Filipino food, and how family inspires the flavours he tries to bring in his food.

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Slashes, Cuts, and Chalk Lines- CLUTCH Vol. 6 Workshop Day 6

Photos and words by Alexandra ‘Lexy’ Baluyot, Edited by Bea Palanca

DJ creating tunic-turned-tank top pattern

It’s not every day that you hear echos of ripping, groaning, and an almost horrifying machine gun-sounding rumble. Coming from a dark basement in Kensington Market, I’d probably sneak a peak to see if cops are needed on site. At the bottom of the stairs, a look behind the curtain revealed something else altogether.

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