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The Scene: Rod Dioso at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts

A photo of digital artist Rod Dioso, juxtaposed with his current work entitled "La Catedral"Our homie, Rod Dioso, a digital artist based in London, UK.

Another year of awesomeness is about to kick off for KAPISANAN, as our good friend Rod Dioso (who exhibited at KULTURA back in 2008) exhibits his latest work at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts.

Rod’s artworks will make its appearance at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (984 Queen Street West, M6J 1H1), as part of the Salon V Group Show. The exhibit runs from January 12 to 30, and the opening reception is on January 13, 7:00-10:00pm.

15% of all sales made at this event will be donated to the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture. Be inspired! Tell all your friends, come out, and support Filipino talent!

More details below!

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KPC's Critical Filipino History Workshops continue this Thursday (Oct 16)

KPC’ers Alex & Myk are keeping the Critical Filipino History workshops rolling on this Thursday with a workshop entitled:

Revolution: Philippines vs Spain; Bonifacio vs Aguinaldo


October 17 @ KPC!

October 16 @ KPC!


We’ll leave the workshopping to them, but I’d imagine this workshop will be good for anyone who’s ever wondering how Mother (‘effin’) Spain figures into our collective Filipino identity.

These workshops have been picking up steam and creating some nice discussion, so you should check it out.  It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill snorefest workshop.

Here’s all the 411.

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RIGHT NOW, Spain vs. China in Olympic basketball is the closest thing to seeing a Filipino basketball team compete in the Olympics…..

by Allan

photo courtesy http://www.angryasianman.com/angry.html

Before I begin, I’d like to comment that my physical features includes having eyes that are similar to that of someone who is of Chinese origin. 
Of note, there was a controversy from Spanish athletes who made a controversial gesture imitating people of Chinese origin to show their “appreciation” in anticipation of the Beijing Olympics.  I personally didn’t feel offended, but hopeful that these Spanish athletes come to their senses & offer a full apology because even though I wasn’t offended, many other people were…… 

Tell us what you think? Were you offended by the Spanish athletes & their chinky eye gesture? Are you someone like me who only cares about the basketball, much like what you’re about to read below? Check out the link provided below for the full story.


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